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I n the Big Inning, there was nothing. Or rather, nothing
plus One. And lo, for that One was Einbana, the Undisputed
Greatness, the One Divine That Cannot Be Named.

A nd She whipped out Her magickal banana, and said "Let there
be Life." And lo, for there was Life.

A nd in this Life that She called Worms were two Unworthies
without names. And thus, She gave them credence and named
them Vori and Yoti (alphabetically speaking).

A nd She said to these Beings that She had raised from Worms,
"Go forth, and raise more Unworthies to the level of
Civilisation. Gather your flock, and have them worship the
Almighty Question Marks and All-Powerful Tuning Forks. Once
you have done this to my satisfaction, I shall appear to set the
Earth at peace."
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