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Eventually we'll have some sort of form or application up
here, but right now I'm too lazy to go set it up. So between
now and then, just email us with the answers to the
following questions, and we'll process it as soon as possible.

0203.15: Ha Ha! We now have a form! Feel
free to use it. It's probably easier than sending an email (at
least, from our perspective).
Your name:
Your prefered name:
Position you're applying for:
Why you're qualified:
Your email:
Your favourite colour petunia:
Other cults you have/do belong to:
Are you easily brainwashed? (y/n)

Once we've reviewed your application, we will reply with our
acceptance or declination. With acceptance will come a supplement
to these basic questions, which will be _required_ for you to
answer in order for you to be added to The Flock section of this
site and officially become a member of our little congregation.
Please note, positions available are limited. At this time, there
are an unlimited number of Dni positions yet to be filled. All ranks
higher have been taken.



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