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Dni Cucumber

Name: Dni Cucumber (b/c I am cool as one)
Position: Decidedly Not Important (slightly off to the left)
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 172 cm
Distinguishing Characteristics: I am a very boring and
unremarkable person.
Favourite Colour Petunia: Rainbow
Favourite Tuning Fork: A
Cult Resume: My first cult failed, because no one wants to
worship two girls calling themselves Nikola and singing the
wrong words to Alicia Rules the World by Alicias Attic and
threatening to smite people and telling people they have magic
powers. My second cult failed because no one wants to make
their decisions based on the flip of a coin, while worshipping
a 2 cent coin named Valentine.
Easily Brainwashed (y/n): y



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