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Dni Rumple

Name: Dni Rumple
Position: Decidedly Not Important
Hair Colour: Blonde...'enuf said...
Eye Colour: Blue...but then there's that crazy gleam behind
them that makesa them change color
Height: 5'3"
Weight: N/A
Distinguishing Characteristics: braces (clear, but I still
hate them) freckles, which I love, and a birthmark the shape
of Queen Victoria's profile...okay, I made that last one up but
it sounded good!
Favourite Colour Petunia: ...I like that multi-colored one
next to the magic mushrooms...seriously, purple
Favourite Tuning Fork: no idea what you mean, but I do like
singing that high C
Cult Resume: The Spider's Web, The Cult of the Crazed CATS fans,
and The Joint of the Dancing Men... (that last one will REALLY
make your head spin)
Are you easily brainwashed? (y/n): Depends on who's doing the brainwashing...



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