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We believe in One Divine Einbana, Creator of
Life and Destroyer of Death, the Undisputed
Greatness, the One Divine That Cannot Be Named.

We believe in the sacredness of Her Petunias,
whose message was brought to us by Her Prophet
the late Great Douglas Adams, who gave us the
words "Oh no, not again" to live by, and make
sure that "again" never happens.

We believe in the harmony of Her Divine Tuning Fork,
which She will use when the time comes to bring the
Earth under Her Great Song to create the Perfect

We believe in the Unknown of Her Question Mark,
which was given to us by Her Hand in order to ask that
great and wonderful question of "Why a banana?"

We believe in the Great Rewards that She gives to
us, similiar to time off for good behaviour in prison
situations, but not so similiar in that we call this
Great Reward a Purifying Lickety Gum.

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