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Holy Words

Hey You!

Unholy Words

"Instructions in materials and uses will make it a necessity,
so that any continuation of future uses will be known.
Selection of sites are tremendous in WHB. I know -- I've
been there!! Bring your sketchpad and favorite medium to
work with." -- The puzzling words from the Book of Adult
Learning and Continuation, over which the Great Einbana
confuzzled over and had the rest of us confuzzle over too.

Prayers of Faith

Let us pray in the words our Mother gave us.

Prayer of Committment: Oh Einbana, I commit myself to believing
in You and Your Instruments, which comes in the form of the Three 
Divine Tools as the Petunia, Tuning Fork, and Holy Question Mark.  
I believe in the Sacrifice that You made when You came down from 
the stars to teach us and to reach us.  I believe in the truths 
that You give to us through Your higher followers, for You have 
revealed the Divine Secrets of the Universe to them for a purpose.  



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